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Pastoral area

  • Team Leader: Pastoral Coordinator Rev Fr Joe Gruszkiewicz
  • Chair: Dr Maria Lynch
  • Secretary: Mrs Frances Porter

The Isle of Wight Pastoral Council (IWPC) has been in place since 2014. A new program for evangelisation has started across our diocese.  Bishop Philip in his address to the diocese following the review of the Pastoral Areas and the policy document 'Pastoral Areas in the Light of the New Evangelisation'  (1 June 2014) states: "I  call  all  Pastoral  Areas  and  Deaneries  now  to put   all   their   resources   at   the   service   of mission.   I   invite   each   Pastoral   Area   to establish   a  “Pastoral   Area   Evangelisation Strategy   Team” E.S.T"  

The E.S.T. strives to ensure that the work of the Church mission is carried out within our Island community as effectively as possible, according to the Diocesan plan. 

Membership of the council is composed of representatives from the worshipping communities across the Island. 

    Our meetings held at McAuley Centre Newport.


       Person Specification for Pastoral Area Evangelisation Strategy Teams[1]

Specific Gifts Needed:

• Fully initiated and practising Catholic of one of the Pastoral Area parishes, in good standing

• Love for Christ and his Church

• Evidence of a lived relationship with Christ and discipleship in one’s personal life

• Evidence of a passion for others to come and know Christ

• A willingness to discern and put into practice one’s personal charisms

• Basic understanding of the Church’s teaching and steadfast commitment to the teachings of the magisterium of the Catholic Church

• A willingness to lead by example

• Basic skills in organisation, collaboration, and communication, with a desire to continue developing these skills

• Lack of self-regard and willingness to put aside personal opinions or preferences for the sake of the unity of the team and the mission of the Church

• Punctual and flexible, prudent and able to keep confidentiality

• Openness to ongoing formation in the faith


Specific Duties / Responsibilities:

• To make a commitment of prayer for the new evangelisation in the Pastoral Area

• To take part in formation intended to deepen understanding of “new evangelisation”

• To assist in making an inventory of the work of new evangelisation already happening in the Pastoral Area

• To devise creative, simple, realistic goals for evangelistic projects

• Through contribute towards organising their implementation

• To communicate enthusiastically the evangelisation projects to their own parish

• To act as a ‘bridge’ between their own parish’s evangelisation initiatives and those of the Pastoral Area

(1From Guidelines for PA and Deanery Evangelisation Strategy Teams




Minutes of EST Meeting 17th May 2017

(click to download)

Minutes of the E.S.T.  8th February 2017