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Island Pastoral Council

  • Team Leader: Dean & Pastoral Coordinator Fr Steven Restori
  • Chair:John McGee and Maggie Sanderson
  • Secretary: Sr Margarida FMVD
  • MembersFr Jonathan Redvers Harris; Fr Nishan Edward; Fr Stephen Vooght; Lorraine Blair (EC); Donna Cooper (C); Nigel De Knock (EC); Angela Hewkin (S);      Ian Loosley (T); John McGee (R); Eddie McMahon (N); Sr Margarida FMVD (RS);  Andy Montrose (Sch); Fr Ken Rimini (R); Maggie Sanderson (Sch); Shania Steele (S); Josephine Turner (S); Juan L. Viccente (N);       

Minutes - 24 October 2023   Minutes - 5 December 2023   

Minutes - 23 January 2024   Minutes - 5 March 2024

Guidelines for the working of the Island Pastoral Council



The Island Pastoral Council exists as a consultative body to help the clergy consider pastoral and other works and to propose and co-ordinate practical measures for implementing them to further the mission of the church in bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through his Church.

This stems from: “Christ’s faithful are at liberty to make known their needs, especially their spiritual needs, and their wishes to the pastors of the Church” (Canon 212#2) and “They have the right...the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position, to manifest to the sacred pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church.” (Canon 212#3). 

The Island Pastoral Council: investigates pastoral matters, reflects on them, and reaches practical conclusions that are recommended to the clergy.


Membership of the Island Pastoral Council 

A maximum of 18 members, including the clergy, a member of the religious, at least one school representative, and one representative nominated by the Finance Committee. The nine members will be drawn from the laity of the Catholic communities of the island.

The IPC may decide to invite one or more individuals to attend an IPC meeting when additional or specialist advice and information is needed.


Meeting Format/ Agenda 

The meeting format/agenda will be along the format of: 

Opening Prayer
Update on previous meeting’s minutes and update on actions 

Discussion of new items
AOB discussion
Closing prayer 


Meetings will be focused and last no longer than one and a half hours.


The IPC will meet a minimum of six times each year.


Roles and Responsibilities within the IPC

While he does not chair the IPC, the Dean is the President. By presiding at the meetings of the IPC he brings the authority of the Bishop to the work of the Council. 


The role of the Chairperson is to:

Establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the clergy and develop an understanding of the aspirations for the deanery.

Run the IPC meetings effectively, ensuring that everyone has a chance to contribute.
Ensure significant time for prayer and formation is included at meetings to maintain the pastoral focus of the council. Each meeting will also include
 a spiritual reading.

The role of the Secretary is to:

Produce and distribute agendas (plus any preparatory reading), at least one week prior to the meeting
Ensure actions and decisions are recorded and circulated to the IPC members within ten days of the meeting, ensuring that a brief summary is made available to the Catholic communities.